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About Us

Indiana Realty Partners has been in business since 2003.  The company owners have been active investors since 1995.  Indiana Realty Partners works with investors in purchasing properties for flipping and long-term investments (rentals).  We are very knowledgeable on rehab costs and what needs to be done to get a place rented verses selling.  We work with property owners individually and are happy to provide a customized service.

Services Provided

our monthly management fee, we cover just about everything, including:
  • marketing your home for rent, finding a qualified tenant, and processing applications
  • move-in and move-out inspections
  • collecting rent
  • property inspections while vacant and while occupied, if deemed necessary
  • having utilities turned on/off (utility invoices are deducted from the property owner check)
  • rent collections (letters, phone calls, visits if necessary)
  • available 24 hours a day in case of a tenant emergency
  • manage repairs for rental

Maintenance Work

Indiana Realty Partners has an in house construction company, Midwest Homes, Inc., that we utilize frequently for our property owner needs to control pricing and quality of work.  Midwest Homes has been in business for 8 years and provides everything from re-keys & trash-outs to complete home rehabs... they have even built a beautiful home from the ground up!  However, if requested, we do utilize outside companies, or if it is more time efficient.  Midwest Homes charges by the job and will give the property owner an estimate for any job they perform and they always provide a detailed written estimate for all planned jobs, such as rehab work.  With tenant emergencies, we try to get the information to the owner quickly, but sometimes it occurs on weekends/evenings and we are not able to notify owner before work needs to be completed (for example, if the furnace fails during cold months).

To learn more about Midwest Homes, please click here for their website

Property Managers

Currently, we have an office with seven staff members who are well trained in our property management division.  Kendra Dazey or Nikki Martin are the main contacts for property owners in our property management program.

To contact Kendra or Nikki directly, call 317-297-5459.

Contact with Property Owners

Communication with the owner on a monthly basis really depends on the property and the tenant.  If there seems to be a lot of issues (tenant calling with complaints and/or requests), then we communicate that with the owner and see how you want to proceed.  If the tenant pays their rent on time every month and they are not having any issues with the home, then there really is very little communication (with that being said, you can communicate with us at any time and we can answer questions about the home and/or tenant whenever you may have them). The only other monthly communication with the owner is, of course, the check! We send out checks to the owners on a monthly basis for all monies collected, with itemized expenses already deducted from the check.

Advertising Your Home

We market the property in our local MLS, For Rent signs at the available properties and local newspaper ads directing potential tenants to our office.  We also utilize several online resources including Craig's List and

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